Since the establishment of the company Broviand has been steadily growing despite the current market trends. Our secret? Thinking, daring and taking action with, at the same time, our feet firmly planted on the ground.

“The whole food sector is currently being put under a microscope,” according to Rob van de Broek. “You cannot allow yourself to make one little mistake. And so it should be. This means that you need to be constantly alert and up-to-date, in all areas, so that you can adapt and apply the newest techniques to the changing demands with which our clients and customers are confronted.”

As well as this, a good understanding of the current market and of the developments occurring both nationally and internationally is of course essential. Which direction should we all take together and what are the challenges lying in store for us?

“We don’t take on these challenges alone. We do it as part of a chain and work together with the other players in that chain. The realization of this was and remains one of our strengths. We want to grow and are always looking ahead to the future and do that together with our clients constantly aware that it is a joint venture.”