In 2004 we were the first company in Europe to scan chicken fillets using the x-ray technique. Since then we’ve made considerable steps in this area together with our suppliers.

“The scanning technique was still in its infancy at this time,” tells Simon van den Broek. We anticipated that bone detection would be a must if we were going to keep up with the pace of our clients and make the turnover demanded by them or certainly what we would expect them to be demanding.”

Bone detection is now fairly commonly used. Therefore, since 2004 Broviand has been making important steps with her suppliers in this field.

“The current system is much safer in that it gets rid of even the tiniest bone splinters out of the meat. An x-ray is made of every chicken fillet that crosses the conveyor belt. The photo is then compared with images on the database. The tiniest pieces of bone are immediately detected and the meat is removed from the process.”