Our factory in Someren was newly expanded in 2013. The expansion was needed in order to meet the changes in the market to the full and the changes that are yet to come. We want to be prepared for them. Specifically so that our clients can reap the benefits.

Two sections
The production area is now 3500m² and in the interests of logistical efficiency is made up
of 2 sections directly connected with each other:

  1. An area where the filleting process is fully automated and operated in part by “high-end” x-ray machines.
  2. An area where the filleting is done by hand in 2 processing lines. We have incorporated this in what we have to offer in order to be able to serve those clients who have very specific demands for raw materials for whom we can offer a “tailored” service.


2. Hand filleted

1. Fully automated filleting