Turning fresh poultry into quality ingredients for those businesses also committed to maintaining high quality standards and strict levels of food safety and traceability. This is our core business. This is what we are about. And together with our clients we are constantly discovering new challenges.

Market Leaders

In 2002 the first full automatic breastcap deboner was installed with a capacity of 6000 birds/hour.

The Meyn Rapid HQ!
Filleting at this speed was unique at the time and in particular the removal of the wishbone, this speed had never been seen before. The collaboration with Machine manufacturer Meyn from Oostzaan lasts until 2015.

In 2004, we were the first company in Europe to scan fresh chicken fillets utilising X-ray technology. Together with the supplier, we have now made significant progress in this regard.

In 2016 a completely new fully automatic filleting machine was installed and the collaboration with manufacturer Foodmate from Oud Beijerland was established!

The Foodmate Max 6000!
A very compact line with a speed of 6000 birds p / hour. This line is ahead of the competition by the combination of speed, top quality product and flexible automatic adjustment in terms of breast cap weight. It is the first machine of its kind worldwide!

In 2017 Broviand installed the world first automated full leg deboning system.

The Foodmate Ultimate 6000!
This is the first fully automatic deboning line for both the right and left chicken legs at a speed of 6000 birds p / hour! The perfect cut and the use of X-ray technology makes the machine the very best and most high-tech machine at the moment! As Broviand we are proud that we got the confidence of Foodmate to further test this line for them and to enable further development.

Quality Of Broviand

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Since the establishment of the company Broviand has been steadily growing despite the current market trends. Our secret? Thinking, daring and taking action with, at the same time, our feet firmly planted on the ground.

“The whole food sector is currently being put under a microscope,” according to Rob van de Broek. “You cannot allow yourself to make one little mistake. And so it should be. This means that you need to be constantly alert and up-to-date, in all areas, so that you can adapt and apply the newest techniques to the changing demands with which our clients and customers are confronted.”

As well as this, a good understanding of the current market and of the developments occurring both nationally and internationally is of course essential. Which direction should we all take together and what are the challenges lying in store for us?

“We don’t take on these challenges alone. We do it as part of a chain and work together with the other players in that chain. The realization of this was and remains one of our strengths. We want to grow and are always looking ahead to the future and do that together with our clients constantly aware that it is a joint venture.”


De Kuikenhof has been a household name in South Limburg for over 50 years when it comes to chicken. Long before 1970 the foundation was laid by Dhr. AHL Huveners in Gronsveld and in 1970 the Huveners family bought the De Kuikenhof slaughterhouse in Mechelen and subsequently supplied many customers with fresh chicken products in the beautiful hilly landscape, but also outside the country’s borders.

Today De Kuikenhof is an experienced fresh supplier of chicken, turkey and game products in Limburg as well as in the neighboring parts of Belgium and Germany.

Started as a family business of the Huveners family, De Kuikenhof is now part of Broviand B.V. in Someren, a leading player in the European fresh poultry meat market.

De Kuikenhof stands for quality, service and cooperation. The team is always ready to put your wishes as a customer first. Understanding the food chain together and converting it into concepts is an important part of this.

De Kuikenhof supplies wholesalers, supermarkets, butchers, poulterers and catering establishments where quality meat and service are paramount.


  • Located in Manchester, state of the art automated facilities
  • A provider of innovative poultry processing solutions to major retail and food service manufacturers
  • Our belief and investment in cutting edge processing technology enables us to provide the most cost effective service with an assurance of the highest hygiene and safety standards
  • For support and expertise in developing food products for retail & food service, our team have a vast wealth of experience in the area of food product development
  • Chef prepared products, traditional cuts, craft butchery skill base, hand finished

Smithfield Murray is the exclusive trading partner of Broviand B.V. in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.

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Turning fresh poultry into quality ingredients for those businesses also committed to maintaining high quality standards and strict levels of food safety and traceability. This is the core business of Broviand B.V.